Friday, May 30, 2008

the ROYAL gazette was never the "paper of the people" never will be

the royal gazette has never been about repping the interests of the avg. bdan - it is a money making venture with the added bonus of being the media arm for a very anti plp/anti labour pov. there is a reason that the staff is made up of white brits as opposed to a melange of writers from the US and the caribbean - a group who would have a better understanding of the nuances of bda.

THe ROYAL gazette is one of the the last bastions of colonial rule - the name and insignia of the paper says it all. the last gasping dregs of a bygone colonial era tries to live on in articles that talk as if it's still the 1950s.

Free speech is commendable. However in the case of the gazette in Bermuda it is the newspaper who has been the obstacle to free speech. by speaking to everyday people one can see that the gazette has never adhered to any concept of journalistic integrity. it's also being quite hypocritical recently in it's "all of a sudden" interest in the support of caribbean newspapers (in regards to PATI) considering that the gazette has always and purposely avoided even the idea of bermuda being considered a part of the caribbean not to mention that it rarely if ever covers caribbean news unless it's negative.

and in re; to govt. axing of it's ads - the rg itself admitted that it did not even attempt to be competitive in bidding for the govt. contract- that's just bad business - and the rg is in the business of making money - it's not a public trust - why should taxpayer money go to a company that takes it's revenue streams for granted - is it fair that any company take govt. contracts for granted - that smacks of nepotism - in this day and age where newspapers, record companies and tv broadcasters are no longer the key way in which the world recieves info and entertainment it is imperative that these companies do more instead of less - i think that the premier's response said it all - i live in canada, and i don't believe that any of the daily newspapers take any revenue stream for granted - the rg did and it paid for it - sounds like business to me.

and there is a reason why there has been no major public outcry over this action - that speaks volume about the situation - after all it is the public's money - and if they felt strongly about this they would be up in arms and showing support for the paper - nothing doing - so if the people of the country whose interest the rg is supposedly representing see nothing wrong with this govt, action - and it's the people's money that we're talking about - isn't that democracy?

gazette editor Bill Zuill is the latest in a long line of anti labour/ anti plp editors (in the 1940s editor ss toddings refused to refer to labour leader dr. gordon as DR - much the way that zuill is refusing to reveal that dr. brown's son is a medical DR in their biased coverage of the playboy fundraiser)

zuill is also being disingenuous at best when he suggests that the the people of bermuda and it's govt. are somehow playing payback because of his papers push for transparency (something I might add that he never pushed for during the white govt. reign)

- the truth is that the gazette is behaving no different than the atlanta dailies did during MLK jr.'s time - back then those papers where often used to suppress rather than enlighten - they only reported on MLK's shortcoming while refusing to write about his positives like his receiving the nobel prize - as I said the Rg has historically been the voice of the minority racist elite and it still is - unfortunately it has now used something as noble as sunshine week to continue it's vendetta.

finally - if in the early years of the mandela and the ANC rule in south africa, that govt. ceased to give ad contracts to a paper that was created during apartheid soley to rep the interests of the small white minority - could u blame mandela and the anc?

Monday, January 21, 2008

The UBP Gazette has become the Loyal Opposition

i see from the spate of articles in todays UBP Gazette that even the editor Bill Zuill realizes that the UBP is obsolete and incapable of bringing down the PLP so they have decided that they will try and bring down the PLP. No one can argue with the importance of a FOI act but it seems kinda suspect that on the eve of the PLPs new 5 year term and the crumbling of the UBP that the gazette has decided that now is the time to launch yet another investigation into the PLP govt. - where was this clarion call in the 80s? If it were any other entity it would seem sincere but seeing that it's the UBP gazette it looks to be another attack on the PLP. I hope that when they're airing out all of this info that we find out who owns what and who is worth what and who really runs what as opposed to who sits on public boards. It seems like another stall tactic to keep the PLP govt. spinning its wheels defending itself instead of getting on with the business of running a govt. - and then in years to come they will attack the PLP for not running the govt,. properly - its' a nasty catch 22 - much like the games played on Bill Clinton by the republicans during his time in office (monicagate, white water, travelgate etc.) all while the US was enjoying unparalleled social and economic stability. It seems that with the UBP treading water that gazette is the last bastion of the "old ways". How many cops have been caught speeding?! A better question is how many blk writers are on staff at the gazette.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Is The New UBP the Old PLP?

UBP party chairman Mr. Shawn Crockwell said that he, Kim Swan, and Donte Hunt were the kind of young black faces that will take the UBP forward with the right image and ideas. He said: "We represent the future of the party. I think we will take a leading role. Personalities make up a political party and shape a political party. The UBP has this influx of new, young talent and we can change the party from within."

if the UBP is now placing pigment over policy - isn't that what the PLP supporters have been accused of. what does this statement by the party chairman, "were the kind of young black faces that will take the UBP forward" say to all of those white UBP voters who swore up and down that the UBP was all about uniting the races in bda? This "were the kind of young black faces that will take the UBP forward" doesn't sound like they're about uniting the races.

and this doesn't sound like they are about holding strong to the much touted ideals of a united UBP:
Mr. Crockwell stressed that it would be "regrettable" if older UBP figures get pushed aside, but said that it may be necessary for the good of the party and democracy in Bermuda.

what it sounds like is that the new UBP is about getting rid of the whiteness in the UBP and posing as a blk party in order to get elected.

so the question is - is the party that kicked them to the curb after decades of support still the party that best reps white bda.

Crockwell said: "Unfortunately he [Mr. Barritt] is white, and he's a Barritt, and that could create an issue, as it appeared to with Milkman Ducky."

Unfortunately he [Mr. Barritt] is white?! what sort of racist nonsense is this?! the UBP chairman is saying that being white in bdan politics is Unfortunate.

that's insane.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birth of a Nation

(The Spawning of BIAW)

Ol' Long Ears

(Patron/Moderator/Hero Member)

The (pathetic)reason for
THE Bermuda Is Another World FORUM!

on: October 14, 2007, 04:27:47 PM »

For those of you who may not know the whole story, here's the background as to what brought about the "BIRTH" of this forum (NATION) (Bermuda is Another World)and ultimately the posting of this thread.

All of us were active posters over at another forum (hereinafter referred to as BS). Recently a number of posters had observed a change in the behaviour of Mike the Admin. Many of us put it down to perhaps Mike was unhappy that the forum was changing from a largely ex-pat Bermuda-bashing forum, to a truly Bermuda-centric discussion community which was largely pro-Bermuda.

Recently Mike had taken to attacking a number of the posters, and wielding his all-powerful weight around. His attack against Uncle Elvis and the name calling was evidence of this. Then about two weeks ago, he lashed out at Mysticman for comments he made about Laverne Furbert, which many of us felt were not libelous at all, and with her being a public figure, well within the bounds of a reasonable post. I, unaware of the pitfall that lay just ahead, agreed with Mysticman, and before we knew what had happened we were in the Shark Tank.

Despite repeated PMs and emails to Mike to explain why we were tanked without warning, we were ignored. For two days we were left with no explanation or access to appeal. During that time, I had an account I used for PMs deleted without so much as a word of explanation. This only served to escalate the tension and bad feeling. This was a total over-reaction by Mike, and as sole authority we were rendered powerless. He then taunted us and made childish statements like "I'm going out to spend the day with my lovely wife. I won't be dealing with you two for a while" or some such nonsense. Because of this treatment, we said some things, that had this been handled differently, didn't need to be said, and because of that, we wound up in The Shark Tank for even more time. Eventually, Mike released Mysticman from The Shark Tank, but I got to spend another two days there at "his master's pleasure".

It was during this time, that the seeds of another forum were sown, many posters PMd us, even though we couldn't PM back, or emailed us, and said how wrong they felt this was, and how stupid and childish Mike was being. We decided then and there to create another forum, different from BS, a forum that would be Bermudian owned and operated, and run by people who love Bermuda, not by someone who made no secret of his distain for all things Bermudian. In the next few days following my release from "The Tank" we set up Bermuda Is Another World! Many of the members of BS had already given us their seal of approval while we were in "The Tank", so we felt we would have a small, but loyal following.

We made no attempt to discredit BS, we made no statements about our feelings about the administration of BS, and many of us continued to post at BS. However the personal attacks continued, with Loki getting a severe lashing over something quite trivial. Then on Friday, October 12, I made a bunch of postings to the various blogs around the rock including, TheDevilIsland and The New Onion to name a few, and of course to BS. My post was very discrete, and just announced the arrival of a new Bermuda forum on the scene.

The very next day, I received a message from a member of BS who, interestingly enough was not a member of this forum, informing me that the link I had posted had a typo in it, and any attempt to follow that link, took one to BS. Assuming I had made the typo when I had originally posted, I went in and made a posting apologising for my sloppiness and retyped the URL. On reviewing that post, I saw that the same action had AGAIN occurred. SMF (the software of BS and this forum) has an admin feature called RESERVED WORD in which you can state words or word groups to be caught and changed, which is how we change “f**k” to “f*©k”. It would appear that Mike had set up a reserved word for “bermudaisanotherworld” and was removing the “i” from “is”. The amended URL pointed to BS, but at that point I wasn't aware of how that was being done, I assumed it to be something internal.

I made another post (three so far on this topic), a very polite one, identifying the problem, referencing “reserved words”, and hoping that this forum was not considered profanity over at BS. Phrasing it as a “hiccup”, I asked Mike in the politest of terms, if perhaps he could have a look at this for me, and correct the problem. I went in again some short time later, only to find that Mike had deleted all three of the posts I made to the Shark Tank referencing this problem. I didn't see what the significance of that action was (silly bunny that I am). Mike is the only person on BS who can delete in the Shark Tank. No other Moderator has that capability. Mike has been caught YET AGAIN with his hand in the cookie jar. The first time admittedly, I was speculating, not having been an admin of an SMF forum. But now I know exactly how things work being an admin of this forum, and he’s knows I nailed him. Why didn’t he just correct the situation and say “Oops! - Yes system glitch!”, and that would have been the end of it. Why, you might ask? Why indeed!

I saw that Mike was online, so I PM’d him, and simply said “Why were my three posts regarding the 'hiccup' erased”? He never answered me, and eventually logged off. This again was childish and petty behaviour, much like the tanking incident, and not only shows a level of immaturity but also is highly suggestive of someone looking for revenge. These were not the actions of a guiltless person in my mind.

Then today I received a message from a regular poster informing me he had done some research into the renaming issue over at BS, and had discovered that Mike had registered the domain name click on this link and see where it takes you! I couldn't believe that even Mike would be that infantile, but sure enough when I checked it out, it was true. He has set up the domain name, with domain forwarding to point to BS. How incredibly silly. I mean we were civilized about this, we just wanted a place to call our own. We didn't trash BS (although God knows, some of us had reason to) and some us were still avid posters over there. What is this saying to those folks? I think we know what it's saying.

Well it would appear we really didn't need to trash BS after all, Mike's doing quite a fine job of that all by himself. He's single-handedly managing to piss off just about everybody. Gee, Mike - what were you thinking? Oh, I know... you weren't! Well there you have it boys and girls, it would appear we have a mortal enemy in Mike, but it's hard to have a war if you're the only one there... We are here for us Mike... we're not here to war with you, this has nothing to do with you, or your site. We are here because we love and care about Bermuda, something you never did. We want to make a difference, not just make noise, and we are CERTAINLY glad to be free of the baggage your site name brings with it. Catch all the 'mispellers' you can, they'll soon realize they're in the wrong place, 'cause there'll be nobody posting over there eventually. You had a good run Mike, but Bermuda no longer needs your anger, or cares about your point of view, you live about as far away as you can get... and I think it's time to let it go.

Hare Lewis

Saturday, January 12, 2008


at a time when bda is enjoying a good economy and is being hailed as the most stable blk majority country in the world - it's sad that some haterz are trying to be as negative as possible - and even trying to compare us to what is going on in kenya - which is a.) racist because other than that govt. having the same skin colour as many in the plp we have nothing else in common - b.) ironic considering that many of the problems that african countries are experiencing are as a direct result of european colonial rule

what is also sad is that these scaremongers are unknowingly carrying on a racist tradition that some white bdans have been practicing for years- and guess what the sky hasn't fallen yet:

in 1902, Pastor Charles Monk of Allen Temple in somerset stood up for the rights of black people when he published accounts of the mistreatment of black laborers working at the Royal Naval Dockyard in his newspaper the New Era - Monk was quickly charged and found guilty* of criminal libel and spent 6 months in jail, - the press of the day stressed that Monks behavior and paper would threaten the "stability" of bda.

in 1920 Reverend Richard Tobbitt of the Richard Allen Church in St. Georges was the respected headmaster at St. Georges Parish school, one of only 2 high schools for black children on the island. However when then governor, Willcocks discovered that Tobbitt was a "garveyite" espousing black empowerment in bermuda, he instructed the govt. and the board of education to threaten the AME church (who ran the school) that they'd cut off funds to the school unless Tobbitt was fired. teh govt. felt that the presence of black empowerment in bda would threaten our "stability".

in the 40s dr. e. f. gordon tried to create a unified front while lobbying for fair labor practices and for Black representation on the powerful all white Labour Board thus ushering in a powerful era of union representation in bda. the govt. of the day felt that the labour union would threaten the "stability" of the island.

in 1959, dockworker joe mills formed a unified front for the dock workers under the BIU against the unfair practices of the stevedores. the stevedores engineered dissidence among union members by a.) using a smear campaign against mills and b.) encouraging the formation of a rival union, because they felt that a powerful dockworkers union would threaten the "stability" of bda.

in 1965 the BIU clashed with belco over working conditions and wages at the power company. the govt. and the press of the day attacked the BIU saying that the strike that they called would threaten the "stability" of the island.

in the 80s, while the PLP was making headway the UBP started scare-mongering about the PLP being pro communist and that they would chase business away from the island and threaten our "stability".

in the late 90s with the PLP on the verge of success - the UBP and some biz leaders warned that if a plp govt. was elected that IB would flee and that our "stability" would be threatened.

a decade later bda is a bigger player in IB than ever.

in 2007 the PLP govt. proposed laws to ensure that everyone shares in the economic prosperity of the island - the UBP and it's supporters warn that this will threaten the 'stability" of our island.

it seems that anytime blk bda asks for equality it will threaten the 'stability" of our island.

it was lie 100 years ago and it's a lie today.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


from Stu Hayward's latest babble in the Sun:

Let me say up front that I have no problem with pro-black initiatives. Every social and economic indicator reinforces the need to elevate opportunities and achievements for the black community in general. When, however, such initiatives are couched in anti-white terms or tinged with anti-white flavour, I have a problem.

hayward wears his race blindness on his sleeves but really seems to be only obsessed with making whites feel comfortable in spite of bda's poor present state of unfair wealth distribution. for me personally who's family and friends include asians, muslims, latinos etc. - it is even more obvious that seeings that hayward never mentions any races but the blk and white race that he isn't that interested or probably knowledgeable about race after all. he just knows how to make white people feel better so i guess in the minds of some he must seem pretty smart.

Hayward goes on to spout:
Any old revolutionaries can seek to advance their causes through the verbal and policy equivalents of Molotov cocktails. True statesmanship demands a less incendiary approach.

a young bdan environmentalist got to travel with mr. hayward, a former hero of the young person to an environmental conference in the Caribbean under Alex Scott's premiership where rather than offer some advice to this young bdan hayward chose instead to attach himself to the white members of the conference and do his self hating negro thing

and pls take note that under scott and smith hayward served on a govt. board yet during that time had no bad things to say about the PLP - it was only after losing his paycheque from the PLP govt. did he suddenly become a critic and pro UBP - says a lot of about his lack of credibility and true motives as is further evidenced in his
attack on the UBP while on the PLP payroll:

from the Royal Gazette - December 11, 2002

...Stuart Hayward has taken the UBPs [Mr Simmons] to task in a column published last week in the Bermuda Sun, calling him the UBP's poster-boy political hack. Mr Hayward went further, saying: "To provide an historical context, it wasn't uncommon during slavery times for a black man newly elevated to a position of power - as overseer, for example - to use the whip more often and more viciously than anyone could imagine possible."

...To find Hayward down here among us, banging his size 11 boots into the nearest UBP crotch, is a revelation - truly one of those Kodak moments someone was talking about the other day. Give that man a glass of champagne! He has earned it.

how does hayward go from "banging his size 11 boots into the nearest UBP crotch" to now himself being the poster boy for the UBPs nonsensical "can't we all just get along and keep the status quo"" race policy.

because he has no integrity.

it gets better

From the Royal Gazette Published: March 26. 2002 12:00AM
Editorial: Housing criticisms

In the wake of the revelations about the Bermuda Housing Corporation, someone, at some time, was going to blame the whole Housing Corporation problem on the media.

Earlier the same day, columnist Stuart Hayward claimed in the Bermuda Sun that the reporting of this newspaper, and its sister paper, the Mid-Ocean News, was a conspiracy to bring down the Premier.

it's seems that hayward is willing to not only support but defend the PLP as long as they keep him on the payroll. why else the change of heart. he has a column but has never spelled out why his views have so drastically changed - he now claims that the PLP has used the same "anti white" campaign election strategy for 3 elections - yet why was he not up in arms about this when he was on the govt. payroll?

and hayward finishes with this gem:
Now more than ever Bermuda needs true statesmanship to heal the wounds inflicted and widened by last month's election.

what a clueless clown. all he needs to do is go and wave at traffic in the morning and i bet they'd build a statue of him.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



the ubp started off as a reaction to the plp - it never had its' own momentum - its' own sense of self - it was a white fear reaction to a blk group of politicians getting together - it was never self defined, rather it was defined by the existence of the plp - it's a negative reaction to a positive action - like a recessive gene it cannot flourish for long - eventually that caught up to them - and like the NP in south africa, once the unfair political and social apparatus in bda had been dismantled the true voice of the electorate was heard - and it has asked over and over for the plp to be their govt.

having visited several polling stations and both party HQs - i realized why the plp not only has succeeded in the last 3 elections but how it persevered over the decades - 1.) it has a better built political machine 2.) it is really a party of the people - there were children, babies and young adults everywhere - at PLP hq, at the PLP rallies and at the polling stations: college students - high school students - you can see the future of the PLP right in front of you.

i didn't see that with the UBP - the PLP hq was abuzz with energy and love in the heart of court street - the ubp hq is a 2nd floor rented office with a few hired hands - nuff said.

at the victory rally children and babies mingled with the spirits of dame lois and freddy wade - it was all about love - the UBP victory parties where never like this.

at the end of the day the UBP was an aberration built on a falsehood - people like et richards, john swan, edness pearman etc. never really believed that the true spirit of the UBP was about love and acceptance - and if they did - they were soon proven wrong (hence julian hall, gwyn rawlins, max burgess and jahmal simmons' defections) - that's why as soon as that "bought" cadre of black men aged out of the UBP there was no jws jr. or edness jrs. to take their place - but donald evans (dame lois' son) was there for the PLP - delivering a heart felt prayer for dr. brown to triumph and standing w/ patrice minors as she crushed dibby dibby dunkley.

that's why the ubp has to depend on the dregs like tilman darrell, shawn crockwell, albertha wade. where are the young jack sharpes, ralph marshalls harry vieras? - nowhere - they don't exist - just like the UBP - pffft - outta here.

outside of derrick burgess' polling station - a nursery school of mini plp supporters sung "plp all the way" - they were right and they're reason why the plp has lived on and prospered and will live on while the UBP crumbles to dust.

* ps - watch 4 wayne furbert, donte hunt and kim swan to cross the aisle.